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Inspired by "On Death and Dying" by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and the 5 Stages of Grief

LP Release in Nov 2015 by Moment of Collapse Records (

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Tape Release in Oct 2015 by Breathe Plastic Records

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released March 4, 2015

All music and lyrics written by Yanos

Instruments recorded at "Hyne Recording Studio" (
Vocals recorded by Route 17 Records
Mixed and Mastered at "Die Tonmeisterei" (

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YANOS Marburg, Germany

Yanos. 5-piece posthardcore band from Marburg/Germany.

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Track Name: I. Anger
I am not mistaken the shadows of doubt slowly begin to fade
Where is justice? The center of my envy?
Where is the soul to trade?

No more condolences, please silence the affections
Tone down the repetitions of doctrines
There is nothing ahead for me

Words are insufficient
Abandon your faith
Cancel my transition

No one sees beyond
We are forced into limitations
Eternal victims
Who will complete my unfinished buildings?
Where are my monuments?
Track Name: II. Denial
The barricades are standing as a shield against your songs
Towering walls to save us from endless lamentations
Do not try to fool me, for I will not be deceived
I am not smiling my troubles away
They say where one ends, the other begins
Death is the destination we all share

Am I leaving?
Am I banishing my fears?
Am I in awe of my demise?
Am I defending the illusion?

Are they lying to me?
Am I lying to myself?
What will it take to prevent this tragedy?

It cannot be me!
This story is not done!
For I am immortal!
I just can’t keep staring into the sun!
Track Name: III. Bargaining
I was unable to face the sad facts
No one answered my angry pleas
But please don’t let this be over
Postpone the inevitable happening

I promise I will smile when I step into the tunnel of light
Leaving behind what used to ail me
No one knows what lies ahead but dying might give me comfort
Eternity is the flower that will grow from my rotting body
Track Name: IV. Depression
It’s over now.
All is lost.
I cannot see.
My worst enemy is inside of me.

Nothing left.
My life – a heavy vice.
On the edge – reduced to the roll of the dice.
Track Name: V. Acceptance
Time has been on my side through all these struggles
Fear and despair give way to quiet expectations
I have expressed my resentments, my envy for the living and healthy
Overcame my anger at those who don’t have to face their end so soon
It’s time for me to say goodbye

Now please just leave me alone
Just leave me alone!

Leave me here
I request limitations
Your lingering presence:
The only thing left
The only thing I need

Leave me here
No more words
To close my eyes forever:
The only thing left
The only thing I need

Leave me here
No more fighting
My rebirth into imagination:
The only thing left
The only thing I need

I bow to you all and take my departure

I have my leave
Brothers and sisters bid me farewell
Your last kind words, my last kind memory
I will wait for you on the other side.